Travel Guides

I use a simple trick when choosing travel recommendations – check if they have anything about a destination I’m familiar with. If our preferences for that are similar, chances are they will match for a new place as well.

As for where I’m looking for information, the short answer would be: everywhere. From personal recommendations, blogs, social media to traditional travel guides. Or, sometimes, nowhere. Yes, you read it right. Sometimes I love to just go to place without knowing anything about it. There are few websites though that I have a weakness for and keep going back to (asides from other blogs, obviously). Those are: Spotted by Locals, Atlas Obscura and World Heritage Sites. For the rest – check out the list below.

Lonely Planet Backpacker’s bible
Rough Guides Better than LP for off the beaten path
Frommer’s Classic
Fodor’s Another classic
Wikitravel Travel wikipedia
Travelfish For SE Asia
Spotted by Locals Places in various destination spotted by locals, also downloadable as PDF guides
USE-IT Europe Map guides made by locals, for Europe
They Draw and Travel Artistic maps about various destinations
Atlas Obscura Quirks and curiosities of this world
UNESCO World Heritage Sites When someone more knowledgeable than you tells why something’s unique, you listen
Time Out For urban travelers
Road Junky Witty travel guides
Stay Make your own city guide, for 120 cities
Trip Films Travel Videos
Traveller’s Point Guides created by the internet community
Thorn Tree forum Ask your questions