Izabela Diana

In a true blogosphere manner here are seven, somewhat random, things about me. Hope that’s gonna help clarify what’s my travel style, if I even have any.

  • I love big cities. I love Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Belgrade. The complexity, their imperfections, the fact that there’s always something new and you cannot discover it all. They suit me much better than those typically touristy cute little towns.
  • I don’t like someone watching me brush my teeth. Just no.
  • This website was created because I wanted one, always accessible, place for all the travel tools I use. One that could possibly be helpful to someone else.
  • Few years ago I wanted to take a walk, stretch my legs, get some exercise – you get the idea. So I walked 350 km from Poland to Budapest in Hungary.
  • The most spectacular nature I’ve even seen was in Venezuela. From non-stop Catatumbo lightnings at night, through morning fog hoovering over jungle and vividly green bush covering the mountain slopes around Merida, finally to drying salt ponds near Maicao, forming colorful patterns between banana trees. I’d love to go back.
  • Clutter bothers me. If I don’t use something, I throw it out/give it away/sell it. And if I cannot carry my luggage/walk in my shoes more or less comfortably for 10 km then I need to repack.
  • Rock over techno.