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Porto - pastel de nata

Hey guys,

First things first – few words of introduction. Or better yet – three things about me and my travel preferences. So, hopefully, you’ll get an idea if what I like is your piece of cake or should you run in the other direction.

  • I pick Belgrade over Budapest. Porto over Lisbon. Buenos Aires over Rio de Janeiro. Warsaw over Krakow. Istanbul over all of the above. Possibly. At least until I change my mind. If they are beautifully elegant, but rough around the edges – it’s a good chance they are my cup of tea.
  • Venezuela blew my mind when it comes to nature, and I haven’t even seen Angel Falls, tepui or Orinoco delta. Not that I wouldn’t love to. But I’m too chicken to go there right now. It was the combination of lush greenery and mountain scenery, often hugged by a rising fog that made such an impression on me. Plus nature’s display of power in the form of Catatumbo lightning. Other than that – I pick rugged coast and rough seas over sunny beach. Though palms are kinda cool 😉
  • Sometimes I don’t visit a single sight. I prefer to just walk around, look and enjoy. And eat. Always eat. I will never be one of those people who make a travel plan and only go from one attraction to another, ticking off things from their list.

Other than that, I also feel uncomfortable with people seeing me brush my teeth, though that’s hardly a travel preference. Even if it happens quite often when traveling. Well, somewhat often. But, to be fair, I brush my teeth in strange places sometimes. Ok, I’m gonna shut up now.

Till the next time,


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